Fanfiction I've written and thought worth keeping

This page collects fanfiction I've written in its original form. Partly this is to have a definitive version, without the various styling compromises I have to make when posting on archive sites. Partly, it's to have a space to show my work to prereaders for critique. All complete pieces are also posted under my profiles at FFNet and Archive of Our Own (AO3). If you want to comment publicly, do so at one of those. I prefer AO3.

If you like my work, the best thanks you can give me is to point other people to it. If you have an account on FFNet or AO3, you can also follow/bookmark me there.

I do my own styling for these. I've yet to figure out how to make font size do the Right Thing across platforms, so if the text is tiny, zoom in for now.

The Artificers
(Chrono Trigger, ~40k words)
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An exploration of the backstory of the Three Gurus of Zeal and their respective artifacts.

I wrote this after Accomplice but I don't think it came out quite as well. It feels like the subject really needed a novel-length treatment. I may go back and try that one day.

Accomplice to Ruin
(Final Fantasy VI, ~18k words)
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An imperial grunt plays his own small part in the end of the world.

I started writing this years ago, took a long break, then finished it up years later. I'm glad I did. Of the fanfiction I've written, this is probably my favorite piece.

(The Legend of Zelda, ~4k words)
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Not all those who fight you are enemies.

I was wondering why there are humans among your enemies in the first Legend of Zelda, and came up with this twisted piece. Warning: Dark and melodramatic.

I wrote Wizzrobe almost ten years ago, and it's the only piece from my first bout of fic writing that I still believe is worth reading. A friend told me that he had trouble hitting the attack button after reading this. It's still the greatest compliment anyone's ever given me.

(Final Fantasy VI, 2000 words)

Brief perspectives on a broken world.

This is a drabble series inspired by Larathia's Flame and Sword. It's also something of a personal experiment. I've never liked the drabble format but she convinced me it can be done well.

Each 'chapter' is exactly one hundred words describing a different NPC's perspective on the World of Ruin. I'm still working on it.


I have a couple of works in progress: Fragments, based on Luxarem Allure, and fork(), based on Sword Art online. I'm thinking of putting the repos for stuff I haven't finished up on Gitlab or something.

I never actually delete old work, even when it is terrible, and there are a few pieces that I don't consider good but still attach a certain personal importance to. If you're looking for one of those and don't see it here, let me know.